Transformative Fiction (Fan Fiction)


A transformative work takes something extant and turns it into something with a new purpose, sensibility, or mode of expression. Transformative works include but are not limited to fanfiction, real person fiction, fan vids, and fan art. - OTW

Coming Soon...

First Draft in Progress

Of Flesh and Grace and Something Inbetween (Chapter 2 and 3)
Person of Interest/Supernatural

(Destiel, Team Shoot, Rinch)


First Draft in Progress

 G  Pokemon Rock Salt and Brimstone

(Part 3)

Pokemon/Supernatural (Destiel)

First Draft in Progress

Something to Believe In (Prologue)
Rise of the Guardians/Supernatural (Destiel)

Crossover Fan Fiction

 G  Conversation with a Q (I Actually Like)
Star Trek TNG/Young Avengers (Super Boyfriends)
Picard never thought he’d ever see the day when he is rescued from Q by another Q. Much less a day where said other Q would also require their help.

 G  Drift Compatible Killer

Death Note/Pacific Rim (Gen)
L hunts the feared Kira in a world full of literal monsters.

 14a  Friendship as Taught by Feliciano Vargas
Hetalia/Supernatural (Destiel + Gerita)
Angels of the Lord really shouldn’t take social cues from Feliciano Vargas.

 G  Impala vs Lola
Agents of Shield/Supernatural (Destiel)

Dean really wants that shiny corvette.

 G  Of Mutant Cheetos and Fluffy Unicorns
Despicable Me/Supernatural (Destiel)
Moose has a mutant cheeto army. Dean is pouting.

 R  Someone is getting Fired! ..or Not.

Cabin in the Woods/Supernatural (Destiel)
Team Free Will goes on a job only to find that it’s like a B Movie Horror Title. In short, it’s a piece of cake. This upsets the engineers of this case. That is, until they realize they’ve unintentional set in motion a completely different film genre.

Part 1

 G  Nice to Meet you, Dean
Pokemon/Supernatural (Destiel)
Dean Winchester is finally an official Pokemon trainer! With his Tepig, Johnny, they set off on their journey— Oh, wait. Slight delay. He already lost his trainer card.

Part 2

 G  Hello, Dean
Pokemon/Supernatural (Destiel)
Dean Winchester, now a Pokemon Master, is found by Castiel. 10 years later. 10 FRIGGIN’ YEARS!!

Part 3


Supernatural Fan Fiction

 R  Accidental Team Free Lovin'
Supernatural (Destiel + Sabriel)

Dean Winchester finally succumbs to his ‘more than friends’ feelings for Castiel. It is a sickeningly romantic evening. When they return to the shabby motel room, however, they discover the evening wasn’t romantic at all. It was... Tainted. So very, very tainted.


 G  Castiel's Milkshake
Supernatural (Destiel)

Destiel parody of song 'Milkshake' by Kelis.

 14a  the Cable Guy
Supernatural (Destiel)

Dean has Castiel try some sexy role play with him.


 G  Destiel Musical Episode: Let it Go
Supernatural (Destiel)
The hit song from the disney movie Frozen transformed into a romantic duet between a hunter and an angel.


 G  the Dr. Allure to your Dr. Sexy
Supernatural (Destiel)
Dean decides that he and Castiel would celebrate their first Halloweens together. Nothing goes quite as planned but what else is new?


 R  Fate is a Bitch but I'm a Stubborn Ass
Supernatural (Destiel)
Old nightmarish memories find leverage in current events so that they might haunt Dean once more.


 14a  Fire Alarms are for Emergencies ONLY!

Supernatural (Destiel)

Third year Theology major, Castiel, had become accustomed to stupid and/or drunk students pulling the alarms throughout the year at stupid hours. He didn't like it, but he had come to accept it. This particular prank alarm, however, might make them all worth while.


 G  He Found Me (Before I Found Him)
Supernatural (Destiel)

In the aftermath of the angels falling Dean has been tirelessly searching for Castiel. However, Castiel is the one to find him.


 R  Life and Times of Sam Winchester's Laptop

Supernatural (Destiel)
Sam Winchester’s laptop is caught in the whirlwind of two idiots dancing around their love.

 G  Moose in Shining Armor

Supernatural (Destiel)
Sam comes to Castiel’s rescue from the evil Dean.


 14a  Moose Poop

Supernatural (Sabriel + Destiel)

Gabriel has a unique gift for his valentine. A VERY unique gift.


 G  Our Song
Supernatural (Destiel)
Castiel immediately goes to Dean when the hunter prayed urgently for his help only to find him in no danger.


 14a  The Wingman Exemption
Supernatural (Destiel)

Gabriel is a firm believer of ‘Grace before Blood’. Yup. It’s true. Deep down he’s a family guy… Well, only if the family member in question isn’t a big bag of dicks.