The Pride Otaku Senshi Project is a blog I started on tumblr to promote lgbtqa+ awareness for in a fun and geeky way!

  • Participants are encouraged to design their own Otaku Senshi to represent Sexual Orientations, Romantic Orientations, Gender Identities and more!

  • Participants are also encouraged to use any medium they'd like such as art, costume, fiction, etc...

  • It's not a contest. Artist retain the copyright to their work.

  • To participate the work must be posted with the tag #prideotakusenshi.

"A transformative work takes something extant and turns it into something with a new purpose, sensibility, or mode of expression. Transformative works include but are not limited to fanfiction, real person fiction, fan vids, and fan art."

- Organization for Transformative Works

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