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This Blog Lives!

I follow many artists here on tumblr and I find it very upsetting that a lot of these amazing people, who have kindly shared their work online with the rest of us, have to deal with so much disrespect and art theft. Ravenno's recent frustrations have finally motivated me to stop being afraid of social interaction ( said fear being the very reason I’ve been a terrible lurker for so long ) and start using my blog to help in my own way. So. I'm going to use this blog to shower my favorite artists and writers with love and support while also doing my best to promote them responsibly and respectfully.

Now I'm not very good at actively using tumblr, so I'm bound to mess up or be very confused. If I make a mistake, please point it out ( politely ) and I'll do my best to fix it. I hope this will help make a difference while also being fun for everyone. :)

My current goals for this blog:

  • Fandom art/fiction/graphics reblogs with accurate sources

  • Artist 'reviews' ( sample art, link to artist's blog/website and a short summary of why I like their work )

  • Fan Fiction recommendations

  • Fangirl stories ( such as how I got into a ship )

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