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Thank You, Supernatural

Last year ( as of late June, I think ) I had retreated into myself. My depression was in another low cycle. I shut down. I cut myself off from my online friends ( Shipper, I am eternally grateful for your understanding T_T ), I socialized with my I.R.L. friends only when invited ( which was rare ), I stopped drawing, I just… stopped.

When I started watching “Supernatural” ( I was already a fan of destiel in fan art and fan fiction ) I started getting better.

  • I started interacting online last November ( I stopped being a lurker ).

  • I started blogging in December.

  • I started drawing in March.

  • I started writing in April ( which I haven’t done since 2010 ). Starting with this ficlet which lead to this 12 thousand word fan fiction ( the longest I’ve EVER written ) in the summer.

  • I willingly participated in a group challenge in June, meaning that I initiated social interactions AND took on a project with a deadline.

  • I felt like I was going to relapse this summer but I actually managed to hang on.

  • I actually gathered enough courage to open a store for my art.

Yes, the fandom can be triggery for me ( abuse between fans was one of the contributing factors to why I almost relapsed this summer, but not the main one ) but it’s gotten me energized, enthusiastic, creative, productive and more!

So, thank you “Supernatural!”

<3 A Girl of Many Fandoms

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