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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x19

Updated: Jun 8, 2020


Season 6, Episode 19: Mommy Dearest.


Cas, Are you alright?



*hugs tv*

Man… Every person that Eve ‘taints’ seem so nice. Well, nice enough that they don’t deserve what’s coming, at least.

Convert an a**hole, dammit!


DEAN: Why has it always got to be me that makes the call, huh? It's not like Cas lives in my ass. The dude's busy.

CASTIEL:*appears behind Dean*

DEAN: Cas, get out of my ass!

CASTIEL: I was never in your—

DEAN: Yeah, well if she is here I'm glad we've got Smitey McSmiterton on our squad.

BOBBY: Alright. I finally got the police database, no thanks to this.

BOBBY: *gestures to the iPad*

BOBBY: I asked for a computer.

SAM: It is a computer.

BOBBY: No, a computer has buttons.

CASTIEL: I’ll search the town. Give me a moment.

DEAN: Cas, we can still see you.

CASTIEL: Yeah, I’m still here.

DEAN: Okay, well you don’t have to wait on us, you—

DEAN: Well now it just looks like you’re pooping.

CASTIEL: Something’s wrong.

DEAN: What, are you stuck?

CASTIEL: I’m blocked. I’m powerless.

DEAN: You’re joking.

CASTIEL: Something in this town is, uh, it’s affecting me. I assume it’s Eve.

DEAN: So wait, Mom's making you limp?

CASTIEL: Figuratively, yes.

DEAN: How?

CASTIEL: I don't know, but she is.