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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x15

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Season 6, Episode 15: The French Mistake.



Needs More Cas— MISHA!!! *hugs*


DEAN: Oh, crap! I'm a painted whore!


DEAN: Dear Castiel, who art maybe running his ass away from Heaven, we pray that you have your ears on. So... Breaker breaker...


DEAN: This isn't Cas.

DEAN: His name's Misha. Misha?


MISHA (tweeting): Hola, mishamigos. J-squared... Got me good.

<3 <3 <3


SAM: Hey. "J. Ackles".

DEAN: That's fake me!

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: This must be fake mine.



Oh, Dean. You're so much WORSE than a painted whore...

SAM: Yeah. And, uh... Oh. Says you were on a soap opera.

DEAN: What?

*they watch a clip of Jensen Ackles on “Days of our Lives”*

NICOLE: If I didn't have cancer, and I wasn't married, and I had plenty of money... Would you— would you want to run away with me?

ERIC ( JENSEN): Money? What, you think I really care about money, Nicole? I care that you're healthy.

NICOLE: Well, I'm no quitter, Eric. I-I—

DEAN: *slams the laptop shut*

DEAN: Don't like this universe, Sammy. We need to get out of this universe.

…you're a Soap Star! ROFL!


I love how Dean's genuine frustration over their current predicament is COMPLETELY eclipsed by his comically stabbing Sam repeatedly in the chest with a fake knife. XD


Oh, Canada!

Welcome to north of the border, Winchester boys!



That's one province over from me! Hey there, neighbors! <3


Lol! Fake-Sam has a camel.

Lol! Dean mistook Fake-Sam's alpaca FOR a camel!



DEAN: You married fake Ruby?

OMG! Genevieve Padalecki! Cutest cameo EVER! <3


Is it wrong to think that the Winchesters are ADORABLE while they’re maxing out Fake-Sam's credit cards?



Sam and Dean: Professional Thespians.

DEAN: *looks constipated*

SAM:* stiff robot*

How many times did poor Fake-Misha have to REDO a good take? Too many times, apparently…

MISHA (tweeting): I-m-h-o, 'J' and 'J' had a late one last night.


SAM: No hunters. Look, maybe that's why our spell didn't work, Dean, you know? M-maybe here, there's no supernatural, no magic.

Dean: No demons, no hell, no heaven, no— No God?

Sam: Something like. Even better— No angels.

Oh. My. God.

Dean's face when Sam said 'No angels'.

DEAN'S FACE: But.. I need my Cas... ... Also, apparently there's no God in our world according to Dean? While I don't necessarily disagree with that assessment, didn't the REAL Cas tell him that the God in THEIR world was currently M.I.A. ( Yup, back in "The Third Man" )?

Just saying, Dean... >.>


BOB: Yeah, I think what we might need at this stage is for Kripke to come up himself. He created the show. They'll listen to him.

SERA: How's that make me look? I'm supposed to be running this thing. Besides, Eric is off in some cabin somewhere writing his next pilot.

BOB: He sold "Octocobra"?

SERA: Yes!

BOB: Mother of God. They'll buy anything.


"Octocobra"? YAY! I FINALLY understand this reference:


I love how smiley Misha is! <3

MISHA (tweeting): Ever get that feeling... Someone's in the backseat? Frowny face.


[[ This is about when the power went out in my house. Like, for real. ]]

Power outage?! Nooo! My preccciiiooouusss!!!


Wait... Do I need salt?

*freaks out*

Oh, power came back quick! Good, good. Back to my precious…

*resumes watching the episode like nothing happened.*


BOB: Guys...You can't come to work on poppers and smuggle kidneys in from Mexico and make up your own lines as you go! You cannot make up your own lines! Good god, what about your careers?

SAM: You know what? Screw our careers, Bob.

BOB: What?!

DEAN: You heard my brother. That's right, I said 'brother'. 'cause you know what, Bob? We're not actors. We're hunters. We're the Winchesters. Always have been, and always will be. And where we're from, people don't know who we are. But you know what? We mattered in that world. In fact, we even saved a son of a bitch once or twice. And yeah, okay, here, maybe there's some— some fans who give a crap about this nonsense.

BOB: I wouldn't call it nonsense.

I love the hurt tone of Bob's voice when he says that. XD


DEAN: But, Bob Singer—if that even is your name—tell me this: What does it all mean?




They killed Misha?





*still crying*


HOMELESS MAN: Yeah, yeah, Raphael. Like the ninja turtle. He was calling someone name of Raphael, up in heaven.

HOMELESS MAN: Yeah, yeah. That's right. The – the scary man killed the attractive crying man, and then he started to pray. And the strange part – After a while, I s-swear I heard this voice, answering.

*laughs hard, but CRIES harder*


An… An angel buying guns… buying guns in British Columbia ( Canada, d’uh! )? That’s… That is funny…

*still crying*





*more crying*


That French dude just dodged bullets.


I would joke that he's from “the Matrix” but he did it in such an awkward manner.



Lol. The Winchester boys returned to their world via 'the freeze frame'. Poor Bob Singer would be SOOO pissed.



RAPHAEL: You two...Have the strangest luck.

DEAN: Raphael? Nice meatsuit. Dude looks like a lady.

Nice use of 'Dude Looks Like a Lady', Dean! A+!





At least I still have you— Well, for now.

*made herself sad*



CASTIEL: Yes, Dean. I missed you too.

CASTIEL: Could we make out later? We’re kind of busy, at the moment.

What? I REALLY needed a Destiel moment, kay? I mean, I just LOST Misha, for crying out loud!



SAM: Cas, what the hell? Wait, wait, you were in on this, using us a diversion?

CASTIEL: It was Balthazar's plan. I would have done the same thing.

DEAN: That's not comforting, Cas.

CASTIEL: When will I be able to make you understand? If I lose against Raphael, we all lose. Everything.

DEAN: Yeah, Cas. We know the stakes. That's about all you've told us!

CASTIEL: I'm sorry about all this. I'll explain when I can.

DEAN: Friggin' angels.

Dean, you selfish prick!




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