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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x14

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


Season 6, Episode 14: Mannequin 3: The Reckoning.



Needs More Cas.


*unsuspecting victim’s forehead is being sliced open by an invisible force*

SYLAR?! Is that you—

*sees that the victim’s breath has become visible indicating a drop in the ambient temperature*

Oh, so it's NOT Zachary Quinto, then?



SAM: *groans*

DEAN: How you feel?

SAM: Like I got hit by a...planet.

DEAN: Well, lucky for you, I'm a doctor. I got joe, grub, and...

DEAN: *holds up and shakes a container of pills*

SAM: What are they?

DEAN: Effective.

SAM: I'm okay. Thanks.

DEAN: Suit yourself.

Could you imagine if there really was a drug called 'effective'?

It could be part of a series of medications: the Abbott and Costello line!



DEAN: Your life is on the line here, Sam.

Really, Dean? ‘Life’?!

I thought the soul was more important and Sam's is decimated.



I'm getting a “Doctor Who” vibe going on here ( specifically the pilot episode of the reboot series ).



I thought we were done with the Lisa story arc?


Guess not.



DEAN: *phone rings again and it’s Lisa again*

SAM: Answer it.

DEAN: Lisa?

BEN: Finally. I've been calling.

DEAN: Ben? What are you—

BEN: Something's wrong with mom.

DEAN: What are you talking about?

BEN: It's bad, Dean.

DEAN: Define ‘bad’.

BEN: I-I don't know. S-she won't talk to me.

DEAN: All right, put her on the phone.

BEN: She won't come to the phone.

DEAN: Ben, get your mom and put her on the phone.

BEN: I-I-I can't. Her door's locked. She barely gets out of bed. I'm not kidding. Please just… Just come help me. I-I don't know what to do.

DEAN: All right, let me call you back.

BEN: Dean—

DEAN: Five minutes.

Oh! Is this is the episode that spawned the sprinkles of 'Hunter!Ben' AU fan fiction I've seen?



Queue the ‘Lisa and Dean’ angst riddled montage!

ME:*rolls eyes*

Queue the ‘Dean and Ben’ angst riddled montage!

ME: Oomph!

ME: *punched in the gut by 'papa dean' feels*


Back to the topic of AUs, can't Dean be Ben's GAY uncle who married an angel?



IMPALA: *revs up* DEAN: No, no, no, no, no, no. She possesses sex dolls! This— this is not a sex doll!

IMPALA: *lights turn on*

ME: I think that's the impala's way of saying: "Pants on fire, Dean. Pants on fire."

ME: :P


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