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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x12

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Season 6, Episode 12: Like a Virgin.



Needs More Cas.


Best ‘opening scene’ to ‘title graphic’ transition EVER, in my humble opinion.




*blink and he's gone*



BOBBY: Like my daddy always said, just 'cause it kills your liver don't mean it ain't medicine.


Moose, you are adorable!!! You're a cute wittle puppy!


*light bulb*

Moose pup! <3


SAM: So you never even tried, huh?

DEAN: Tried?

SAM: To go live a life...after. You do remember you promised that, right?

Cuteness RUINED!

Ugh, Sam! Stop criticizing Dean about not fulfilling the promise YOU shoved down his throat and forced him to make. Besides, he TRIED!

SAM: So, why didn't you try?

DEAN: What makes you think I didn't?

SAM: 'Cause look at you. Look at this. You're exactly the same.

DEAN: Yeah, you're probably right.


DEAN: I was with them for a year—Lisa and Ben.



DEAN: I have another theory. Penny's diary.

SAM: Did you steal that from her room?

DEAN: I love that you even asked me that.

SAM: And why wouldn't I?

DEAN: No reason.


Cuteness REDEEMED, by proxy.

Dean is just happy to finally get a morality lecture from his little bro again! <3


SAM: This can't be possible.

DEAN: Try me.

SAM: Um, I googled "fire”, "claws”, "flying”, "stealing virgins”, and "gold”, and it all takes me to the same place.

DEAN: Where?

SAM: World of Warcraft fansites.


Dean attempting to be macho and dramatic only to EPIC FAIL: priceless.

For everything else, there's Mastercard.



DEAN: Oh, son of a bitch! That's really on there!

DR. VISYAK: Yeah, afraid so.

DEAN: Well, I have another idea.


DEAN: Well, you're not gonna like it.

ME: *waits for it*



SAM: Um...Look, I-I would hug you, but—

CASTIEL: —that would be awkward.

Hug aborted, lol.


Hey, do you think that Cas—being the ‘multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent’ that he is—saw how Dean had hugged Sam right after his baby bro woke up ( back at the beginning of the episode )? If so, when Cas later answered Sam's prayer in person PERHAPS he too felt a similar rush of relief to see Sam alive AND well which made him think ‘I now understand why Dean did that’ and that’s why he was so quick to go in for a hug?



...Turns out that Sam doesn't need to be soulless to dupe Cas.

The only difference being that soulless Sam did it for the lulz. T_T


Dean was a "Looney Tunes" character LONG before the episode "Hunter Heroci"!

First, he comically attempts to pull the sword from the stone. When that fails, his next genius plan is to blow up the offending rock and thus free the sword from the stone?



ME: THERE it is. ME: XD


The Dragons were really disappointing in my opinion...

I mean, the hand was as ‘dragon’ as they got and, while I CAN appreciate subtlety, said hand wasn’t even all that creative ( much less impressive ).



Dean + Pile of Gold = LOL

DEAN: Hey, Sam. Ask me what time it is.

SAM: Why don't you cut to the chase and just roll in it?

DEAN: I rarely have wealth.

SAM: Dean...


Mother of All?



Why does it suddenly feel like it did when the series "Angel" went to sh*t?


Oh well, at least the dragons weren't defeated within ONE episode ( unlike 'pagan' Gods ).



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