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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x11

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


Season 6, Episode 11: Appointment in Samarra.



Needs More Cas.


DEAN: He's in agonizing pain, right?

TESSA: Uh, yes.

DEAN: Give me a minute.

*Dean touches the robber, whose soul appears behind him*


DEAN: Mostly because you're a dick. Enjoy the ride down, pal. Trust me. Sauna gets hot.

*Tessa walks out with Robber's soul*

DEAN: That wasn't so hard.

Dean, the overqualified REAPER apprentice! I think Tessa might have skipped over the part of Dean’s file that says he was trained by Alistair, the demon...


DEAN: Call me crazy, but this smells like a heart attack.

*man clutches his chest and falls forward*

DEAN: Lucky guess.

*Dean touches the man*


DEAN: You think maybe it was the extra cheese?

MAN'S SOUL: Yeah. It was good, though.

DEAN: Is that a local place?

TESSA: Dean.

DEAN: Right. Uh, time to go, man. Sorry.

MAN'S SOUL: Wait. Will you tell me what it all means?

DEAN: Everything is dust in the wind.

MAN'S SOUL: That's it?! A Kansas song?!

TESSA: Sorry. He's new.

This about sums Dean up: Music and Food.



Dude, does the kid in the hospital have the teddy bear from the episode "Wishful Thinking"?


Hmm… Pretty close, though her bear’s missing the ribbon.



I love how Bobby has riddled his house with booby traps. <3


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