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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x10

Updated: Jun 6, 2020


Season 6, Episode 10: Caged Heat.


Needs Less Meg.

SAM: Cas, we found something. It's this gold box. Apparently Nazis were after it back in the day. Someone tried to open it and their face melted off. I think its the - ready for this - the Arc of the Convenant.

CASTIEL: I'm here Sam. Where's the box?

SAM: I can't believe you fell for that. That was the plot of "Raiders", idiot.

Souless Sam is fun! Good thinking, using "Raiders of the Lost Arc" to trick Cas into thinking they found one of Heaven's lost weapons. XD

Cas, there's a lesson to be learned: next date night with Dean, go see a movie.


SAM: If you don’t help us, I will hunt you down and kill you.

CASTIEL: *swaggers up to Sam with an amused look* Will you, boy? How?

Cas! You are BAD ASS!! <3

Oh my god. The pizza man scene was AMAZING!

CASTIEL: It’s very complex.

DEAN: Mm-hmm.

CASTIEL: If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she’s done something wrong.

DEAN: You’re watching porn? Why?

CASTIEL: It was there.

DEAN: You don’t watch porn in a room full of dudes. And you don’t talk about it. Just turn it off.