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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x07

Updated: Jun 6, 2020


Season 6, Episode 07: Family Matters.



Needs More Cas.


CASTIEL: Has he been feverish?

DEAN: Have you?

SAM: No. Why?

CASTIEL: Is he speaking in tongues? Are you speaking in tongues?

SAM: No. What are you... Are you diagnosing me?

DEAN: You better hope he can.

SAM: You really think that this is—

DEAN: What, you think that there's a clinic out there for people who just pop out of hell wrong? He asks, you answer! Then you shut your hole. You got it?

CASTIEL: How much do you sleep?

SAM: I don't.

DEAN: At all?

SAM: Not since I got back.

DEAN: And it never occurred to you that there might be something off about that?!

SAM: Of course it did, Dean. I-I just never told you.

DEAN: What?

CASTIEL: Sam... What are you feeling now?

SAM: *scoffs* I feel like my nose is broken.

CASTIEL: No, that's a physical sensation. How do you feel?

SAM: Well, I think—


SAM: I... don't know.

SAM: What? Uh...

CASTIEL: This will be unpleasant.

SAM: What—

CASTIEL: Bite down on this. If there's someplace that you find soothing, you should go there. In your mind.


DEAN: Did you find anything?


DEAN: So that's good news?

CASTIEL: I'm afraid not. Physically, he's perfectly healthy.

DEAN: Then what?

CASTIEL: It's his soul. It's gone.

Oh, Dean. That's not how you play 'Cas M.D.', silly.

It's a two person game for you and Cas.

YOU are the patient, not Sam!



DEAN: So, is he even still Sam?

CASTIEL: Well, you pose an interesting philosophical question.


SAMUEL: This Castiel?

SAMUEL: *to Castiel* You're scrawnier than I pictured.

CASTIEL: This is a vessel. My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Building.

DEAN: Alright, alright, quit bragging.


Dean, you selfish dick. When Bobby pointed out that you're selfish, how did you react? You listened, you apologized, then you had a 'girly' moment that Bobby—not YOU, the 'no chick flick moment' guy, but BOBBY—had to end. You were a good boy.

But when Cas points out that you're selfish?

'That's right, baby! My problems come first, bitch!'

What the f**k?!


DEAN: Well, if the old man's Kermit, who's hand's up his ass?


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