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"Supernatural" Catch Up Marathon: 6x05

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


Season 6, Episode 05: Live Free or Twihard.


To watch or not to watch?

I mean, I've already seen this episode ( it was my first episode of "Supernatural" EVER! ) so I don't technically need to watch it... But the opening scenes... They're SO good!





But still good. XP


OMG! The first two scenes are GOLD!

I mean, a "Twilight" re-enactment followed by trash talking "Twilight"? Um, YES PLEASE!



VICTIM'S FATHER: Kristin's a good kid. A little naive, sure... You try to be a good parent. Girls are hard.

SAM: Right. Well, we'd just like to find your daughter.

VICTIM'S FATHER: *pauses* Last door on the left.

DEAN: Thanks.

DEAN: *quietly* Whaddya think he was talking about?

DEAN: *quietly* Drugs?

DEAN: Oh, it is SO much worse.

SAM: *snorts* Vampires?

DEAN: Ah, these aren't vampires, man, these... These are douche bags.


DEAN: Look at this. He's WATCHING her sleep. How is that not rape-y?

SAM: I gotta concentrate here, Dean.

DEAN: "He could hear the blood rushing inside her, almost taste it. He tried desperately to control himself... Romero knew their love was impossible—" Romero? Really?

SAM: Dean. Shut up.

DEAN: This is a national bestseller. How is that POSSIBLE?


DEAN: Hey, try, uh… "Lautner".

SAM: Wait— he's a werewolf. How do you even know who that is?

DEAN: Are you kidding me? That kid's everywhere. It's a freakin' nightmare.

SAM: Hey, how many T's are there in "Pattins—" That's it. We're in!


DEAN: What are you 12? Are you wearing glitter?

FAKE VAMP: I only do it to get laid, man.

DEAN: Does it work?

FAKE VAMP: *nods*

DEAN: I'll be damned.


How long do you think it will take for Dean to forget that he WAS Robert Pattinson?

*evil laugh*

Don't cry, Dean. You're SOOO much prettier than that douchey vampire! <3

...even with those fugly teeth. ^^;;

...also, you're SOOO much gayer. ;)


Curse you Lisa! Why couldn't you be Cas?!


DEAN: *lurking in the dark alley, staring at Cas under streetlight* CASTIEL: Dean. DEAN: Cas... You... You came... CASTIEL: Of course. You needed my help. DEAN: Cas... I... Please... I'm a monster now... CASTIEL: ... DEAN: Do the right thing— CASTIEL: *suddenly in front of Dean, two fingers to forehead* DEAN: *blinks, suddenly feeling normal* CASTIEL: You never were a monster, but you're human again. DEAN: Cas... CASTIEL: Dean, what's on your face? You're... Shiny. DEAN: *turns glittery red*

*soulful staring ensues*

SAM: ...shit. SAM: ... SAM: True love has foiled my plans.

Umm... 'Yay' for spontaneous fic writing? ^^;;


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