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"Spectrum" 2013

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I’m back from “Spectrum”—

Wait. Did anyone miss me? Did anyone know I was gone?


I’m a terrible blogger.


I’m getting a sense of déjà vu… Is anyone else getting a ‘déjà vu’ vibe?


Anywho, I attended a local festival to promote the local geek convention. I handed out flyers, as Castiel* for two of the three days. Though I did not cosplay* the first day, I did dress geeky ( I wore a Sailor Moon t-shirt with the above Toki Doki Avengers hat ).

I will make a couple more “Spectrum” ( that's the name of the festival ) related posts while alternating between catching up on the three days of buildup on my tumblr dashboard and working on art for the aforementioned local geek con.


In the meantime, here are the sketches I did between my shifts handing out flyers. Enjoy.


A quick ( and crappy ) photo shoot/edit inspired by Octopifer's Meme Art:

Some 'beauty' shots of my Castiel cosplay at "Spectrum".

DEAN WINCHESTER: Castiel! Don't eat that! That's a donut! Not pie! Drop it! Cas! Cas⁠—

DEAN WINCHESTER: Castiel, you b*tch.

CASTIEL: Omnomnom....



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