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Why #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain PERSONALLY Offends Me

Updated: May 29, 2020

First, I present Internet Troll Queen Cassandra Clare.

A fan fiction writer who had become internet famous for a Harry Potter fan fiction which was once known as "the Draco Trilogy" but is now known as the for-profit 'original' work of young adult literature called "The Mortal Instruments". This so-called author was often criticized for plagiarism and for inciting cyber bullying toward those who expressed either justified or unjustified critiques.

When faced with the vocal criticism, the 'victimized' fic writer would publicly name their critical 'aggressors' online and her internet following would, without any further prompting, AGGRESSIVELY HARASS each target as a GROUP with....

  • explicit racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. language

  • threats to stalk, rape and/or murder

  • demands for the critic to end their lives

  • etc.

With no law enforcement to turn to, the victims had to delete all of their online accounts and ‘vanish’ from the online world.

Meanwhile, Cassandra Clare has become a successful published author with both a movie AND a television adaption of her 'work'. She 'selflessly' preaches against cyber bullying and shares her 'talent' by giving her fans tips on how to write 'original' fiction, all the while her new team of lawyers work hard in the background to erase all traces of her online past which she denies to this day.

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Next we have the Internet Trolling Collective, #GamerGate.

This group took 'manipulating online collectives into AGGRESSIVELY HARASSING a target or multiple targets' to a WHOLE new level.

One of their targets was a woman who had made a video in which she criticized the blatant sexism and misogyny in the video game industry. This video didn't criticize anyone in particular, but even if it did that didn't change the fact that this video blogger didn't have the power to affect any significant change in the life of a single member of #GamerGate, much less the entire community. Nor could this video blogger affect any significant change upon the games that #GamerGate love so very very much that they would destroy lives to protect them. But despite hers being only a SINGLE voice amongst millions of others online, #GamerGate went after this video blogger and they… well, it's all succinctly explained in this video:

The victim turned to law enforcement but they couldn’t do anything about it and said victim and their family have been in hiding ever since. Though the victim continues to fight back the victim continues to be threatened with violence, even school shootings for crying out loud.…. Meanwhile, #GamerGate continues to thrive today and have not suffered any repercussions to their actions which, if carried out in person, would be felonies.

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Present day, we have #makedonalddrumpfagain.

The most disgusting and most powerful troll there has ever been. This orange W.M.D. has taken this revolting method—

the manipulation of a mass cyber mob into acting as one's personal army in the quest for one's personal gain

O F F the internet and INTO our physical reality. He basically gave internet trolls the license to behave offline as they would online and with the exact same level of concernZEROof possibly having to endure any sort of consequences, much less criminal punishment.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!!

The orange troll has not only unleashed cyber trolls into the REAL WORLD, he then made himself a LEGITIMATE WORLD LEADER and now has access to the greatest wealth of information on earth ( the C.I.A., the F.B.I., the F.D.A., etc. ), the greatest military force and military arsenal in the world ( the American military, the American Air Force, Nuclear Weapons, etc. ) AND the most influential position of power both locally and internationally. ALL OF THIS DESPITE...

  • ...having no experience in the politically arena

  • ...having made his "fortune" via bankruptcy and therefore having never succeeded at anything in his life except leeching off the tax payers.​ [1]

  • ...the existence of said his wealth has never been proven.

  • ...that he clearly intends to increase his "wealth" with his new office. [2] [3]

  • ...that he also clearly intends to use his new office to DESTROY anyone who says or does anything that displeases him. [3]

  • ...having never before been criminally CONVICTED DESPITE the infinite amounts of evidence archived in every day media audio, video and print that continues to grow with every minute of every day. [3] [4] ( proof of hate speech, discrimination, rape, sexual harassment, rape misinformation, fraud, tax evasion, etc. )


  • ...and he wants to bang his daughter. [5]


This is why this troll offends me on a personal level and why I have I lost my faith in humanity.

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