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Why am I going to see "WONDER WOMAN" on JUNE 2, 2017?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Why am I going to see "Wonder Woman" on JUNE 2, 2017?

FIRST, to SUPPORT women in the film industry:

  • "Wonder Woman" is directed by a FEMALE film director, Patty Jenkins. This makes Patty Jenkins the FIRST FEMALE film director to direct a SUPER HERO movie. This also makes Patty Jenkins the FIRST FEMALE film director to direct a SUPER HERO movie WITH a FEMALE protagonist.

  • The actress portraying Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot: an Israeli model who not only won Miss Israel in 2004, but is also a martial artist who served in the I.D.F. for two years! ( source )

SECOND, to help PREVENT any sexist fallout should the movie fail.

  • It appears as if Warner Brothers is setting up for this movie to FAIL because they are NOT investing in promoting the movie. Basically... Bare Bones Marketing = Fewer Consumers = Dismal Profits = Failed Movie = “We’re NOT gonna do ANOTHER FEMALE Super Hero movie because 'Wonder Woman' Bombed!"

THIRD, I am very anti DC Comics ( by which I mean the people at the top of that food chain and NOT the writers/artists/characters/etc. -_-;; ) and by going to this movie I am NOT endorsing DC Comics the company, but SPITING them ( with the added bonus of supporting feminism, so it’s a win/win for me. ^^;; ).

  • If "Wonder Woman" SUCCEEDS, that would open up doors so that OTHER FEMALE super heroes can get their own movie.

  • If "Wonder Woman" SUCCEEDS, that means taking the sexist beliefs of the DC Comics execs and shoving them right up where the sun don’t shine! Mwa! Ha! Ha! Ha!

These are the reasons why I am going to see "Wonder Woman" on JUNE 2, 2017. If you can find a way to go see it on opening weekend, please do so.


GO FORTH and SUPPORT a film starring an ACTUAL military bad ass AND beauty pageant winner as Wonder Woman and SUPPORT the miraculous fact that a female director did the film!!!




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