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Dark Side of the Cerebellum: "Someone PLEASE Explain This To Me"

I don't understand haters or trolls or aggressively negative fans in general.

‘Trolls’ skim written works, illustrations, conversations, etc. looking for keywords or key imagery that they wish to interpret at face value, the remainder of the content being completely meaningless to their selfish intents and purposes. Once they find that tiny keyword or key imagery, that tiny fraction of a greater whole… Bam! They lash out at the content creator without mercy!

While most trolls bury their victims in abusive language, the seemingly ‘civilized’ ones are no better. They also make the conscious decision to ignore the original context in order to justify their actions, but instead of being overtly abusive they have the audacity to 'lecture' you.

I don't know which hurts most: the verbal abuse or the subtle loathing in the form of a condescending 'how to ship' lecture. I mean, how dare anyone tell someone how to enjoy their own personal pass times?! Let alone a pass time they don’t even share!!

Seriously, read/look before ranting!

If someone gets angry over a small detail out of its original context, that means that said someone doesn't actually know what they’re angry about and, believe me, it shows. People who do this are a**holes, regardless of how polite and/or justified they may think they were while expressing themselves. And if someone enters a space dedicated to a particular interest—which they do not share—and then choose to stick around to belittle everyone for sharing said particular interest INSTEAD of leaving for a space that actually does cater to their interests… I mean, do I really need to explain why such people are a**holes?!

You weren’t freaking invited! No one’s rubbing your nose in it! No one’s trying to ‘convert’ you, much less forcing you to! So why don’t you mind your own God damn business!


If someone is simply being enthusiastic about what they like—minding their own business, staying out of the way and doing nothing to offensive—then why tear them to shreds? If the reason is any form of 'I don’t like the things that they like' then f*ck you, trolls. F*ck you.

Firstly, is this how trolls want to be treated? I mean, if ‘I don’t like what they like’ gives them the right to deny other people the right to enjoy something, then others have the very same right to deny these trolls the right to enjoy something when ‘they don’t like something YOU like’ which, in the end, amounts to NO ONE getting to enjoy anything, including the trolls! One person’s rights ends where another person’s rights begin. Why? Because the universe doesn’t actually revolve around you, troll. You only think it does.

Secondly, wouldn't you do the same with your ship? Happily engage with your fellow shippers in enjoying your shared interests and letting your love be known? If your ship had a chance of becoming canon*, wouldn't YOU encourage it?

All I tweeted was, in brief, that I liked Destiel and I would be happy IF it were to happen officially on the show:

Within seconds of posting, I got 'lectured'.

  • Response to part 1: "You ship it just fine without it being canon, so no need to change that"

  • Response to part 2: "He already does, just not romantically so no need to change anything, the bond is there"

  • Response to part 3: n/a ( Notice how part 3 was entirely ignored? Though, technically, ALL of my tweets were ignored. Only the fact that I was a destiel fan seemed to make it through... )

Yes, it was only the one user but keep in mind that 1) my voice is but one in the vast sea of voices that is twitter, 2) my particular voice doesn’t have a platform, much less any authority, that could possibly sway the influence of any corporation, and 3) my social circle is small so, relatively speaking, one response is a LOT.

So… Someone happened upon my tweet, a tweet by a nobody, JUST as I posted it and, for some reason, deemed it necessary to ‘correct’ this nobody’s opinion. I’m ashamed to say that, being thin-skinned, this cut SO deep that I was emotionally crippled for last month.

But now I repeat: "Wouldn't you do the same with your ship?"

These comments apply to troll and their ship too! How would they feel if our places were reversed, hmm?

Even if the troll doesn’t have a particular ship on this show, maybe they just didn’t want the show to change, I still didn’t do anything that needed ‘correcting’.

My tweets were not on behalf of my shipmates.

My tweets were not an order for the CW to make my ship canon.

My tweets were not condemning any conflicting ships.

My tweets were me, A Girl of Many Fandoms, letting the show that I love know what I enjoy about it and what this particular hypothetical change would mean to me, personally.

If the troll doesn’t like the ship in question then why did the troll go into the ship’s tag in the first place?! Why go looking for the ship in general? Why target posts specific to this ship they don’t like and ruin it for those who do?

Fiction isn't about reality, it's about fantasy. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' when the basis of fiction is imagination. There is only 'like' and 'don't like'.

Don’t trolls have ships of their own, something that brings them joy? Or do they simple love hurting others? Telling harmless strangers that they’re going to Hell for shipping unconventional pairings on their own time, telling an unsuspecting person that they’d completely misinterpreted the characters in something they’d written and/or drawn just for fun, telling innocent bystanders that they should kill themselves for having the wrong personal opinions, and so on…

Trolls just want to watch the world burn.

Treating someone like dirt because their 'likes' conflicts with yours is only warranted if that someone is hurting others: trolls. But seeing as trolls FEED off rage and pain, responding to them in kind only makes them stronger...

So the only possible purpose for a troll’s hate is that they derive pleasure from it… But life is chock-full of opportunities to be an a**hole, so why do they have to go out of their way to inflict pain?


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