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Random Acts of Kindness I Cherish: Post Office

Updated: May 28, 2020

I was at the post office mailing a doujinshi I sold on on the internet, again. An old classmate of mine was working the desk, again. As usual, she was super nice and energetic. All this time, with me coming to the post office and her processing the stuff I had sold on eBay for shipping, I didn’t think she had recognized me from high school. I mean, we didn’t run in the same circles back then and we'd only been in the same class twice, maybe ( Japanese 10 and Biology 20, I think… ). Also, I thought I had been invisible back then, just as I am now and probably will always be… You get the idea.

Anyway, I was mailing a package. Her computer was down so she was idling about for the moment. Her co-worker, at the still functioning till, was tending to the customer ahead of me, who was taking their sweet, sweet time. So my old classmate and I got to talking.

I was surprised to learn that she knew of my table at the local market and asked if I was still doing that. This lead to my discussing my market schedule which included the occasional geek convention. When I mentioned 'geek conventions' she admitted that she had bought a "Sailor Moon" manga/dvd in the past ( Sorry, I don't remember which it was. Could've been both. -_-;; ), which surprised me because I didn't know she was a geek. I told her about the bootleg costume I saw for sale last Halloween and she was like ‘No way!’ and…

Well, we really got to talking and I thought, maybe, it’d be okay to give her my business card because she might enjoy some of my art. So I offered it and she took it gladly and then…

…that was when she BLEW my mind.

As she accepted my card, she told me that I had drawn a comic for her back in high school ( I feel so bad that I completely don’t remember that ) and that she STILL has it framed on her wall.

I have no words...

I mean... How does one explain how one feels when they learn, after a life time burdened with a deeply entrenched and completely irrational belief that one was going through life making NO impact on the world around them, that not only had a passing acquaintance from one's past remembered their name and face but also had evidence that you existed and treasured the memories they represented?

Just... wow.

*tears up*

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