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Who Says You Can't Train a Cat... Completely by Accident.

Updated: May 30, 2020

For years, I would buy three different kinds of cat treats for my fluffy kitty: Monster. I would mix them all up in a solid glad jar with a sealed lid. I would wrap the excess and store that in my underwear drawer.

For. Years.

Yet, for some reason, Monster discovered the existence of this secret stash only just last night. How do I know? Well, this morning I found the drawer open, my socks and undies in a pile on the floor just beneath it, and the bag of extra cat treats next to the laundry pile with a hole clawed into it. XD Realizing what had happened, I immediately relocated those treats immediately and then put away my scattered clothes. But every time I went to my room today, I had to put my socks and undies BACK into the drawer. Every. Single. Time. ( Six times at the very least. )

Sailor Shipper: Lol. Smart cat. Wonder how long it will take him to find the new space for the cat treats.

Well, I wonder how long it will be until my cat stops rifling through my underwear drawer. XD

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