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Personal Anecdote: True Story...

Updated: May 13, 2020

My parents and I just moved to a new house. There are boxes everywhere, as par the course. Try as we might to be organized, shit happens. We had empty plastic storage bins lining the stairs.

Last night, my dad fell down those stairs. My brother drove him to emergency where they waited three hours to have his scraped knees, sprained toes and *shudders* torn off big toe nail bandaged up. I stayed home to clear the stairs and halls so this won't happen again.

Wishful thinking...

This morning my mom fell down the completely unobstructed stairs! Half asleep, I went to check on her but she said she was fine. LIES! She was home two hours later with a sprained ankle.

UPDATE: Not long after I NEARLY hurt myself falling down the stairs, but I didn't say anything.


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