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Personal Anecdote: Computer Ate My Homework

Okay, minor setback with my LetsDrawSPN piece. My computer ate all of my progress from yesterday.


I had saved it under a new name and I quick saved the new file every 15 minutes or so. When I was done for the day, I saved my progress before quitting the application and powering down my computer. But when I went to resume my work this morning, it was gone!


*sigh* It’s a good thing I took a W.I.P. screencap, that’ll make it easier for me to redo all that lost work. Still a pain in the butt, though. For obvious reasons, I’ll be working on my LetsDrawSPN nonstop for the next two days.


Just in case this happens to me again, if anyone knows what the Hell just happened to me here, or if something similar happened to you, please let me know. Especially if it's an easy fix.


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