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Otafest 2013: Cosplay Contest

My friends and I lined up EARLY to see the cosplay contest because that room filled up fast. My mom would’ve joined us too, if it weren’t for the fact that the steampunk panel that she really wanted to attend was scheduled around the time that we planned on lining up. Because she lined up for the cosplay contest after the steampunk panel ended, my friends and I were seated in the cosplay contest live audience and she was seated in the overflow room ( where the audience watches the contest, being broadcast from the next room, on a big screen ).

Dressed as Castiel, I was waiting for the show to start when I received a text from my mom…

Mom: Does your friend have a red bow on her head?

Me: Yes...

Mom: I see the 2 of you on overflow screen!

Me: God? Is that you?

Mom: :)

Me: Wait. I'm god, who the hell are you?

Mom: Castiel?

Me: Im castiel, who the hell are U? :P

Mom: God?

Me: No im GODstiel, identify yourself identity thief!

I’m such a brat.


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