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Otafest 2013: Collectible Pins and Anime Voice Actors

Updated: Jun 3, 2020


Because I spent so much at Calgary Expo just last month, I decided I would only spend money on necessities ( food, lodging, etc. ) and the convention's collectible pins. THAT'S IT! And I would have succeeded too—sticking to my budget, I mean—if it weren't for that darn meddling Artist Alley… >.< Anywho, I managed to score all of the pins EXCEPT the Volunteer pin and the Anniversary Logo pins so…

Curse my obsessive nature! *shakes fist*



I’m not good with knowing voice actors. The only ones I know of are Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham. ^^;; But when I went to the group voice actor panel at Otafest, OMG! They were brilliant! So I went and got all of their autographs. I was embarrassed because I didn’t really know of them outside the earlier panel but they were super understanding and just as amazing in person! :)

  • BRENDAN HUNTER He was the first at the table and the only one with cards to sign. On a whim I grabbed one and decided I will fit everyone’s autograph on it. A friend of mine was in charge of guests so when I got to Brendan Hunter for an autograph he—my so-called friend—immediately interrupted and told Brendan to troll me. XD But Brendan was super nice and when he asked me what line I liked I was super embarrassed to say I’m not sure which characters he played, I just adored him in the earlier panel. He was totally cool with it and gave me a generic ‘Stay Nerdy’ signature. XD

  • SCOTT ROBERTS I didn’t get to talk to him much because I was arguing with my friend and talking to Brendan Hunter. I feel so bad since he was so nice about it. >.<

  • LUCAS GILBERTSON He has mad art skillz ( as you can see above, in the second photo of my collected autographs ). He was awesome.

  • KIRBY MORROW He called me 'Lefty Shake’ because I used my left hand to shake his ( my other hand was holding a camera, so... ^^;; ). My friend so LOVES him and the character he voiced—Miroku from the anime series 'Inuyasha'—but she had no voice that weekend, so I spoke on her behalf... And then some. XD He was super fantastic with her! She got a flirty signature and two great photos with him. I didn’t have the heart to tell my friend that, for some reason, he sooo reminds me of both Richard Horvitz and Nathan Lane ( Once you see it, you can’t UNsee it. I just ruined all three actors for everyone, you’re welcome. XP ).

  • CAROL-ANNE DAY She. Was. FABULOUS! I don’t remember what we talked about but we talked A LOT! XD

  • MICHAEL DAINGERFIELD His Ace Ventura impersonation is SPOT ON! Why haven’t I ever watched the animated series? WHY?! XD Jim Carey voice aside, he was amazing! <3

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