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My Meta: James T. Kirk

Updated: May 29, 2020

"Star Trek: The Original Series"


I've just finished watching all 3 seasons of “Star Trek: the Original Series” and I must say that I am very VERY astonished and happily so.

I started watching the show expecting Captain Kirk to be a 'ladies' man' and I thought that he'd be seducing women left, right and center. After everything I’ve read, seen and heard—episode summaries, fan fiction, parodies, pop culture references, etc.that’s what I thought. Also, the Jar Jar Abrams reboot movies really didn’t help at all. ^^;;

Turns out, I was so WRONG. ( In order to cite my sources I’d have to re-watch the show and tally all of Kirk’s romantic/platonic interactions with women, which is something I am more than willing to do should anyone want more detailed information. However, I hope that my recollections will suffice for the moment. )

Captain James Tiberius Kirk is respectful to every SINGLE female character on the show. In fact, he corrects anyone who is disrespectful to his female crew!

ALL but one of his romances take place OFF SCREEN! He has tons of ex’s from before the show even takes place, but none during the show with the ONE exception being the episode where he meets the love of his life, "City on the Edge of Forever", but she died.

He doesn’t actually actively seduce anyone. There's lots of flirting, to be sure, but nothing more. Any attempts at seduction on Kirk's part are ALWAYS in self-defense and nearly ALL of his romantic interactions are non-consensual on his part ( This INCLUDES the 'scandalous' kiss with Uhura in "Plato's Stepchildren" because both parties were being mind-puppeteered by the 'alien of the week'. )

He doesn’t bed anyone. Nothing explicitly indicates that he did nor was it subtly implied in some way ( Except maybe this one episode I skipped because I had seen it long ago and had no desire to revisit Kirk suffering from amnesia causing all of his subsequent actions to be non-consensual. No thanks. ). To summarize, Kirk doesn’t sleep with any ladies, doesn’t intentionally seduce any ladies and only has ONE on screen romantic encounter ( and she’s dead, Jim. *bad joke is bad* ).

And if that wasn't enough, I must also declare that Captain James T. Kirk is feminist as F**K!

( Forgive my use of such a technical term, but it’s true. )

( Also, he’s in LOVE LOVE with Spock but that’s a whole other post in the making. )

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