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My Art: "LetsDrawSPN" Entry 02

Here's my entry for LetsDrawSPN 02, based off the movie poster for "The Mummy". For fun, I’ve also recast the film with characters from “Supernatural”. You’ll find this outlined after the illustration. :)

Evelyn "Evie" Carnahan O'Connell -> Dean Winchester

I think Dean should take Evie’s role because...

  • Both are ‘destined’ to have their bodies snatched ( he’ Michael’s true vessel ).

  • Both are close to their brothers.

  • Plus it’s the perfect setup for Destiel. ;)

He and his brother would work as an Egyptologists in Cairo’s Museum of Antiquities. The museum’s curator is an old friend of their late father, Dr. Bobby Singer. He not only got the boys into this particular field of study, but he also got them their jobs at the museum.

Though Dean’s taking Evie’s place, he would still be Dean. He would have some literary knowledge because in the show he’s not only well read when it comes to the supernatural—duh—but he also admitted to reading Vonnegut ( so it wouldn’t be a stretch for him to have some other extracurricular literary interests as well). That aside, he would be a shitty librarian seeing as he hates research and everything related to it. He’d be in the right field, just the wrong job.

“Dude, you told me that if I went into ‘Egyptology’ I’d eventually get to hunt rare treasures and so I did. But did I ever get to go treasure hunting? Nooo! Ten years later I’m still stuck reading dusty old books day after day after day... Dammit, Sammy! I need sunshine! I need FRESH air! I need... ADVENTURE!”


Jonathan Carnahan -> Sam Winchester

Sam gets Jonathan’s role by default. Sorry, Sam.

Alongside his brother, he would also work as an Egyptologist in Cairo’s Museum of Antiquities. The curator is an old friend of their late father, Dr. Bobby Singer. He not only got the boys into this particular field of study but he also got them their jobs at the museum.

Though Sam’s playing Jonathan’s part, he would still be Sam. He gets whiny when he’s frustrated with his brother, often sporting his trademark ‘bitch face’. But, being the bookworm that he is, he actually enjoys working in the museum which is probably why Dr. Singer’s grooming him to take over the museum. Well, that and because he has people skills ( unlike Dean ).


Dr. Terrance Bay -> Bobby Singer

I think Bobby should take Bay’s role because…

  • Both were involved in educating their current charges.

  • Both provided employment for their charges.

  • Both are vital sources of information.

  • Both live/work in a place full of old and dusty books.

Dr. Bobby Singer would be an Egyptologist who curates Cairo’s Museum of Antiquities. An old friend of the family, Bobby took in Sam and Dean after their father passed away. Because he raised the boys, they were exposed to Egyptology by proxy and eventually entered the field themselves. He got the boys work at the museum and is currently grooming Sam Winchester to someday take his place ( as he’s the only brother displaying any interest in the work ).

Like the Winchester boys, he will retain his personality— Hmm... I’m getting repetitive.

*begin disclaimer*

I will try to keep everyone in character. The characters should retain their personalities even if they’re cast in a role originally played by character with a contradictory personality. That’s what makes a great AU, people! :D

*end disclaimer*

As per usual, he won’t take any of the Winchesters bullshit. He tells them what they need to hear, no matter how hard the truth. Not an overly emotional man, he does make efforts to comfort them when they really need it. Basically, he does his best to provide for them because he loves his boys.

-> ADDITIONAL NOTE: I’m not killing him off. I can’t. T_T


Richard "Rick" O'Connell -> Castiel

I think Castiel should take Rick’s role because...

  • Both have a direct connection to the supernatural elements of the story ( Rick is connected to the Medjai who are connected to Imhotep, Castiel is connected to Heaven which is connected to Lucifer ).

  • While Rick’s knowledge of his supernatural connections was withheld from him since birth, I think that Castiel being an angelic pariah is a perfectly similar circumstance.

  • Plus it’s a perfect setup for Destiel. ;)

Castiel would be a Medjai defector, ostracized by his people after a series of well-intentioned missions ended in disaster. Though his faith was broken, his sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ were still strong. Now working as a mercenary, he’s searching for something to rekindle his faith in God. Though his impressive combat skills would get him a lot of work, his naiveté regarding the outside world would result in his unwittingly accepting a shady job that would ultimately get him imprisoned.

Having been raised in a secret order, he knows very little about what lies outside of it. Because of this, he’s socially and culturally awkward. His education consisted mostly of tactics, combat and history. He was groomed to be a lethal weapon, a force to be reckoned with, and indoctrinated to have only one purpose in life: Lucifer Must Not Rise.


Ardeth Bay ( Medjai ) -> Gabriel

Why Gabriel? … Because it would be AWESOME!

But, more seriously, I do have reasons. Castiel can’t be the first defector, right?

Enter Gabriel! Once upon a time he was much much higher up in the Medjai hierarchy than Cas, and that much more powerful. A veteran exile, Gabe had long since lost the ability to give a single fuck.

At first he was amused to discover that his ‘holier than thou’ baby brother had been cast out too. He had originally approached Castiel to gloat, but soon became infuriated when he realized that, despite being ‘fallen’, Cas was still an irredeemable ‘goody two shoes’. Before Gabriel realized what was happening, Castiel had not only unwittingly endeared himself to Gabe but had also roped the veteran exile into helping him with his adventure.


I think Lucifer should take Imhotep’s role because...

  • Both served at the top rungs of their own hierarchies.

  • Both betrayed the one they served.

  • Both are the big baddies of their stories.

Long ago, two Gods sought dominion over the Earth. Lucifer wished to see the world burn. Michael wished to rule over the humanity with an iron fist. To attain the power they so desired, one had to slay the other. But just before Michael could land the killing blow, he was slain by a Medjai and Lucifer narrowly escaped. Knowing that Lucifer still lived, and what he could do should he resurrect his brother, the Medjai vowed to do everything in their power to prevent this from coming to pass and hid Michael’s body away.

Lucifer was weak and his brother was dead at the hands of another. He was doomed to roam the Earth until he could find not one but two vessels capable of containing a God: one for himself, a boy with demon blood, and one for his brother, a righteous man. Only then could they finally finish their battle and Lucifer would finally rise.


Anck-Su-Namun -> Michael

Michael is Anck-Su-Namun by default. Sorry, Michael! T_T

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