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LGBT+ PRIDE! Film & Television Rec: "Shelter" (2007)

Updated: May 31, 2020

"SHELTER (2007)"

Forced to give up his dreams of art school, Zach spends his days working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her son. In his free time he surfs, draws and hangs out with his best friend, Gabe, who lives on the wealthy side of town. When Gabe's older brother, Shaun, returns home, he is drawn to Zach's selflessness and talent. Zach falls in love with Shaun while struggling to reconcile his own desires with the needs of his family. + Rating: R Starring: Trevor Wright, Brad Rowe, Jackson Wurth, Tina Holmes

Country: United States

HERE! FILMS [2007] artist / drama / romance / sport / surfing


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