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How I Boarded the Ship: Destiel

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

How did I board this ship?

Ass. Backwards.

That's how.


I should probably explain.

I never planned on watching the show, much less 'boarding the ship'. I had tried watching some of the other CW network shows in the past, but I eventually realized that the shows all seemed to share too many of the same writing elements—most of which I just COULDN'T standso I stopped watching the network altogether. Which was why that by the time "Supernatural" started airing, it was just another CW show to me and, therefore, it wouldn't be 'my cup of tea'.

That is, until I joined tumblr.

I joined about a yearyear and a halfago, after discovering that an artist I follow, Cris-Art, had SO much more artwork on their tumblr account than on their deviantart account. Of course, it didn't take long for me to find a LOT more artists to follow on this new site, as well as LOTS of assorted geek blogs run by like-minded users ( at the time I was really into NBC’s "Grimm", "Marvel Comics", "Star Trek", Anime, etc. ). To my surprise, ALL of the blogs I ended up following seemed to have this one interest in common: "Supernatural".

Thus, I had inadvertently set my tumblr to 'drip feed' me "Supernatural" propaganda.

Well, more like Destiel propaganda. ^^;; One pairing in particular began to appear more and more frequently on my dashboard. Unsurprisingly, I eventually developed a vague understanding of the "Supernatural" storyline and of the relationship between Dean and Castiel. Before long, I started to think things like “What a cute pairing…” and “This Castiel seems pretty awesome…”. Then, all of a sudden, BOOM! I was a HUGE Castiel fan and I was reading ALL of the AU Destiel fan fiction I could find!

By this point, I STILL had not seen the show and, for some reason, I STILL had no interest in actually watching the show.

DESPITE the fact that I now knew the basic premise of the show ( as well as some of the major story arcs ), almost ALL of the characters names ( major AND minor ), and tons of other additional factoids that's weird for me to know having NOT watched the show. On top of it all, I was binging the fan fiction and hoarding the fan art like there's no tomorrow! XD The first episode I watched was in the spring of 2012 ( I think ) and it was completely on a whim. I was flipping through the channels when I happened across an episode of "Supernatural", just as it was starting, and the episode title caught my eye: "Live Free or Twi Hard". A "Twilight" parody, eh? How could I possibly ignore ANYTHING that makes fun of that franchise! Curiosity peaked, I watched the episode and within 5 minutes I was me in stitches, it was hilarious! Obviously, that was when I FINALLY wanted to watch the show. I borrowed the first season from a friend of mine and watched it all the way through. Alas, due to conflicting schedules with said friend, I couldn’t get my hands on season 2 FOR MONTHS... So I continued to read the fics and to hoard the fan art—and watch "Supernatural" related convention videos—while I waited patiently for my friend to lend me season 2. That is, until I came across a bundle of seasons 1 AND 2 for sale at Wal-Mart ( sometime in June 2012, I think ) and BOUGHT IT. XD

Because it had been so long since I watched season 1, I wanted to re-watch it before starting season 2. I asked my dad and my sister if they'd like to watch it with me, since I was starting from the beginning and the music was totally up their alley. They kindly obliged and so my second time watching season 1 was with my dad and my sister ( and they both loved the show too ). My Mom eventually joined in, because she kept walking in on us while we were watching and every time she did she would stick around for longer and longer... Until, finally, we ALL got SO fed up with all of her questions that I ended up rewatching season 1 A THIRD TIME with her in order to catch her up. XD

Once we were all on the same page, the FOUR of us watched the second season together. Then my sister had to go to school, but she gave us her blessing to watch season 3 without her. <3 STILL reading the fics and hoarding the fan art, I slowly continued to watch "Supernatural" with my parents ( we just watched the season 6 premiere, woot! ) and, needless to say, I am RIDICULOUSLY obsessed now.

And that's how I boarded this ship!


[2013/09/15] EDIT:

I can't believe I forgot to mention this part!

*face palm*

Remember how tumblr had turned me into a Castiel fangirl LONG before I actually watched the show? Well, as I was slowly making my way through the show with my family, the whole time I was patiently waiting for Cas to show up ( which wouldn't be until the first episode of season 4 ). So after we had FINALLY finished the third season, the next day we started season four with a pizza party.

You read correctly, folks!

A pizza party.

I was THAT excited to meet Cas, people!

Of course, my parents were VERY confused as to 'why' I wanted to have a pizza party for a very specific episode of a television show which I HADN'T EVEN WATCHED yetAfter all, they had NO idea who 'Cas' was at the time. Hell, there weren't even angels in the show's lore yet!but they ultimately agreed to it because I paid for the pizza ( bribes work, what can I say. :P ).

I think that was the first time they've ever seen me fangirl.


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