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GIRL POWER! Film and Television Rec: "Albion: The Enchanted Stallion"

Updated: May 27, 2020


EVIE, a spirited young girl, lives for the time she spends with the horses at her local stable. With no mother at home, she cares for her injured father, and dreams of exciting adventures and a horse of her own. Christmas morning, she is working at the stables when she encounters a beautiful black Friesian, DAG DIA. She tries to return him to the barn -­ but instead of heading back to the stables, he bolts into the woods, and soon Evie finds herself in a magical world, ALBION.+

Rating: PG Starring: Avery Arendes, Castille Landon, Daniel Sharman, Jennifer Morrison, Debra Messing, John Cleese

Country: United States and Bulgaria SWEET TOMATOS FILMS [2016]

adventure / chosen one / family / fantasy / magic


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