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GIRL POWER! Film and Television Rec: "Aggretsuko"

Updated: May 31, 2020


Retsuko is an anthropomorphic red panda, 25 years old and single, who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. Facing constant frustration every day from pushy superiors and annoying co-workers, Retsuko lets out her emotions by going to a karaoke bar every night and singing death metal. After five years of working the daily grind, her relationships with her various co-workers are starting to shift, opening up in ways that can change her life for better... or for worse. + Rating: 14a Starring: Kaolip, Rareko, Komegumi Koiwasaki, Maki Tsuruta, Mina Inoue, Shingo Kato, Souta Arai

Country: Japan NETFLIX / SANRIO [2018] animation / anime / comedy

Gold Star!


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