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Geek Moments: Unconditional Friendship At Its Finest

In a society where women could only be mothers and house makers; where women were tools to be used and not the operators of instruments; where women were not human beings deserving respect; where the mere implication of effeminacy was frowned upon, considered shameful… This is society that these three men were raised in, lived in and would die in.

And yet, after learning that their friend Ping was a woman, these three men somehow overcame societal conditioning to accept their friend REGARDLESS of gender! But they didn't stop there, no. These three men then blatantly defied their social obligations in order to support their friend: they disobeyed direct orders from their decorated male superior officer in favor of a disgraced woman's orders. And when 'Ping' ordered them to CROSS-DRESS, they did so WITHOUT HESITATION!!!

Bravo, Yao!

Bravo, Ling!

Bravo, Chien-Po!

That is unconditional friendship at it’ finest!

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