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Geek Moments: The Fangirl Mind

me reading book: Nooo! How can you do that to this precious character! My precious baby! T_T

me watching movie: No! No! NO!!! Why did he/she have to die!!! *snivels in a corner*

me reading a fan fic: Why?! Why did you write such a horrible alternate life for this character?! *falls to knees and yells to the heavens* Why?!

me watching tv: A**hole writers! Self-sacrifice wasn't necessary! *curls up into a ball and... bawls*

me look at fan art: How could you draw such a thing! Why can't the character be happy, EVER?! *wails*

me reading a comic book: What the hell?! Why's the character NOT 'in character'?! Why must he/she suffer a sh*tty life AND a—change in writer—lobotomy! *punches a pillow* Why?!

me writing/drawing: MWAHAHAHA! Your life will be sh*t! You will be humiliated over and over and all your friends will die as the world comes to an end! You will suffer much, but don't cry! You WILL have a happy ending.... eventually. MWAHAHAHA!


Note: The first six are all interchangeable. XD

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