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Geek Moments: When Reality meets Fiction to Confuse the S**t Out of Us

I have this new character in the game "World of Warcraft", a human priest named AngelCastiel.

( I don't obsess much, nope. )

It was my first toon that does NOT dps, so my tactic at the time was to button mash while chanting 'OH F**K! DON'T DIE! DON'T DIE! PLEASE DON'T DIE!!!!'.

( I'm a pro, yup. )

My brother was sitting next to me I.R.L. as he played as my tank during Angelcastiel's second dungeon run, which was when one of the random strangers assigned to our group told me, "Love your name, Cas."

My brother was like, "How the Hell does this stranger know your name?!" "..."

We were both stumped until...

"Oh yeah... 'Supernatural'."

Both 'Cassandra' and 'Castiel' are commonly nicknamed 'Cas(s)'.

*facepalm* XD

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