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Geek Moments: RE: "Mark the End of Pride Month with Marvel"

"We celebrate with a spotlight on some of our LGBTQ characters!"

I am impressed at both the quantity and quality of LGBTQ characters in the Marvel universes. ( I really need to look into Mystique and Destiny! )

Though not mentioned in this article, I’m also impressed that certain NON LGBTQ+ characters have counterparts in alternate realities where they ARE LGBTQ+, like Colossus in "Ultimate X-men" [2001-2005] and Wolverine in "X-treme X-men Vol. 2" [2012-2013].

I can’t vouch for intention, but I found these particular representations to casually normalize that representation—in a positive way!—by using the scientific theory: parallel universe theory. Infinite realities means infinite possible versions of you and ALL of them are perfect. :) ( I hope that made sense. ^^;; )


UPDATE [2019/08/29] :

I have personally verified the following characters as being LBGT+, in addition to those I've already verified ( America Chavez, Colossus [ Ultimate X-Men ], Hulkling, Wiccan, and Wolverine [X-Treme X-Men] ):

  • Angela

  • Destiny

  • Mystique

  • Northstar

  • Sera ( How have they not mentioned her? She's TRANSGENDER!!! )

For sources, feel free to visit my List of Canons. <3

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