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Geek Moments: Ragnar is SO in Love with Athelstan

Me: Okay, he is SO in love with that man.

Dad: I just don't think Ragnar's ever had a friend...

Me: *rage quits on the inside*

Me: OMFG! How can you say that?!

Me: Don't make me rewatch the show just so I can point out all the times a very good friend of Ragnar’s DIES and how he did NOT mourn any of their losses anywhere NEAR as much as he did for Athelstan. Hell! That one friend of his, the one who offered himself as A SACRIFICE so Ragnar could have babies and then WAS SACRIFICED so Ragnar could have babies, not even his selfless act could elicit THAT LEVEL of grief in Ragnar!

Me:Don't make me rewatch the show just so I can point out that Ragnar loved Lagertha very much, but never really said as much in so many words ( but Ragnar had no problem telling Athelstan how he felt about the priest ). Also to point out how he was never touchy feely with Lagertha, outside of sex ( though they did NOT have sex, Ragnar WAS touchy feely with with Athelstan ). And then finally point out that when Lagertha LEFT Ragnar that, though he was hurt, he had accepted it and moved on—NOT WITH ATHELSTAN—and how they are now BFFs.

Me: Don't make me rewatch the show just so I can point out how Princess Aslaug had FORCED herself into Ragnar’s life and DROVE AWAY the woman he ACTUALLY loved. To point out how Ragnar CLEARLY never loved her. To point out how he just USED her to have lots of babies. Omfg NO!

Me: *out loud* Me: Whatever.

“I am a dying man. And when I die, I want to be reunited with my Christian friend who happens to be in your Heaven.”

—Ragnar Lothbrok “Vikings” season 3, episode 9

Me: *smug as shit* Me: Totally platonic. :P

( I don't care what my dad thinks, It's love, love, love~! )

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