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Geek Moments: Pokemon Y and My Train of Thought About Wobbuffets

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Wobbuffet ( male on the left, female on the right )

So I had a weird train of thought when I first started encountering Wobbuffets in Pokemon Y:

  • At first glance... Wobbuffet males look upset, while the females look thrilled.

  • At first glance... Wobbuffet females look like males who found themselves some lipstick.

  • At first glance... It seemed to me that male Wobbuffets were miserable UNTIL they discovered the lipstick because it was then that they found themselves.

  • At first glance I thought Wobbuffet was transgender. ^^;;

Then I realized that the female Wobbuffet character model was just the male character model, only slathered in lipstick. Therefore they BOTH have the exact same constipated facial expression and thus my alternate reality was sunk.


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