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Geek Moments: My Reaction to NBC's "Timeless" Promo

Updated: May 29, 2020

Me: *watching stupid promo on TV during SNL*

“You’re telling me this guy went back in time to rewrite history?”

Me:, d’uh? What, is he going back with a tub of popcorn to watch? Me: Definitely not going back for healthcare, that’s for sure. Me: Besides, gotta pay for all of the research and materials to make time travel possible somehow.

“I think someone who loves history would want to save it.”

Me: ...Yeah, that’s pretty much the definition of loving something. *rolls eyes* Me: Ugh... Why is writing so terrible on TV! Me: I’m gonna go check my facebook...

Me: ... Me: ... Me: NBC, was it? Me: *looks up “Timeless” on video on demand*

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