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My Dad knows me so well!

Updated: May 23, 2020

When my dad got home after running errands this morning, I hopped off the couch to welcome him home and help him put groceries away. But when I returned to the couch I found a brand new, still in its original packing, Groot Disney Infinity figure had taken my spot.


A little later, my Dad asked me to fetch his cellphone from the bathroom where he forgot it. Completely unsuspecting, I went to fetch the phone only to find a Drax figure.

"Oh, silly me! My phone was right here under this pillow."


Not long after that, my dad, not so innocently, said, "I think your cat is hungry. You should go check. By the pet gate. Where he's looking hungry."

I run up and find a Rocket figure.

( BTW, I don't have the Disney Infinity game )

( I just like the figures )

( My Dad knows this )

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