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Geek Moments: #loveletterstomisha

Updated: May 25, 2020

Dear Misha Collins,

I am thankful to the show, "Supernatural", because it introduced me to Castiel and, just as important, you.

Before "Supernatural", I was never really into the ‘behind the scenes’ of a show ( cast interviews, conventions, staff twitter feeds, etc. ). Your hilarious tweets, G.I.s.H.W.H.e.S., Random Acts, "Cooking Fast and Fresh with West", Heartfelt interviews, Silly Interviews, "TSA America: Level Orange"… All of these ( and more ) have convinced me that you are a kind and generous person with a wicked sense of humor.

You’re an amazing person.

Though I no longer support the show, "Supernatural", I will forever be support Castiel and Misha Collins.

Thank you.

Cassandra S. a.k.a. Mistina a.k.a. a Girl of Many Fandoms


Written for the Love Letters to Misha project. <3

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