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Geek Moments: *Internal Monologue*

Updated: May 29, 2020

Reporting to you live from a McDonalds in a Walmart, this is a Girl of Many Fandoms.

I just saw a family walk by. The father—I presumed—who was wearing a front baby pack with an ACTUAL baby inside, I noticed he had a tattoo by his elbow that was CLEARLY the silhouette of a Dragon Ball character: a little kid with Goku hair, a staff and a tail.

Oh, it’s a refreshing breath of fresh air to see that geek culture has come so far despite these… trying times.


The silhouette is, in fact, of Goku when he was a kid. I repeat, the tattoo IS of baby Goku.

This ends my puff piece.Back to the non-existent news anchor at the non-existent news desk.


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