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Geek Moments: I Have a Theory Regarding My Cable Box Recording "Steven Universe" Episodes

Updated: May 30, 2020

So I have my cable box programmed to record all of the episodes of "Steven Universe"—old and new—BUT not to record doubles. The exception being unlabeled episodes because... well, who the Hell knows what episodes those are, right?


I have, what I think is, a very solid theory based on all of the episodes that my cable box has recorded to date.

From February 24, 2017 up until today, out of all the "Steven Universe episodes" it has recorded, around 5 to 6 unlabeled episodes. My approximation is based on my method of maintaining a very tidy collection of recorded "Steven Universe" episodes: I check each recording to make sure the episode was recorded glitch free and in it’s entirety, plus I identify the unlabeled episodes making sure to delete the doubles which—in this case—was... ALL OF THEM.

But they were not just doubles, they were ALL doubles of THE SAME EPISODE. That's right! They were all "Last One Out of Beach City".

Coincidence? Perhaps if it were just one or two of the five/six duplicate recordings, but three ( or more ) of the recordings makes a pattern, right? So five ( plus ) recordings—which constitutes the SUM TOTAL of duplicate recordings for the entire series—could probably be considered confirmation, maybe?

According to my calculations, a recorded "Steven Universe" episode with one generic title PLUS one generic summary EQUALS "Steven Universe" Season 4, Episode 6.

But I wonder WHY that is.

The only difference between THIS episode and the rest of the show is that it’s—subjectively—the one with the MOST LGBT CONTENT to have aired so far. I mean, this has gotta be a computer glitch but it’s kind of odd that this episode in particularand ONLY this episode in particularis affected by it...

I’m not the only one who finds this strange, right?

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