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Geek Moments: I Can't Believe I Missed This! (NOT FOR KIDS)

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

My friend went drinking with her co-workers last night. She has a naturally cute bishoujo voice. Apparently after three drinks it gets higher and cuter.

At some point, when she was quite inebriated, her coworkers were admiring a guy’s ass. This reminded her of the manga ‘I’ve Seen It All’ ( a manga she had aptly nicknamed 'the Penis Doctor Manga' ). So she said in her cute innocent voice "His ass reminds me of yaoi!".

They—being muggles—asked what yaoi was. So in her drunkenly powered up kawaii voice she explained:

"It's one guy… And another guy… And… They fuck each other!"

I can’t believe I missed this! XD

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