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Happy (Belated) Asexual Awareness Week 2017!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Asexual Awareness Week 2017 October 22 to October 28


For the occasion I present the first of an upcoming art series called "Mountie Moose: Pride Remix".


All tidied up, updated and finally made mobile-friendly, I also present:

MY OFFICIAL LIST OF HEADCANONS ( definition of the word 'headcanon' included )

The list contains the names of fictional characters and the sexuality/gender identity which, in my opinion, is the one they identity with. Some are listed because there is SO much evidence in the original content that they may as well have been confirmed officially ( but weren't ). Others listed are just wishful thinking. ^^;;

For example:

  • Abed Nadir of "Community" (tv) aromantic ASEXUAL!

  • Sailor Venus (a.k.a. Minako Aino) of "Sailor Moon" (anime/manga) heteroromantic ASEXUAL!

  • Castiel of "Supernatural" (tv) AGENDER demiromantic ASEXUAL!


Finally, I present to you another list I recently tidied up, updated and finally made-mobile friendly:

MY OFFICIAL LIST OF CANONS ( definition of the word 'canon' included )

This list contains the names of celebrities and/or fictional characters that are confirmed to be of a sexuality and/or gender minority ( and/or another marginalized community ).

For example:

  • Jughead Jones of "Archie" (comics) ASEXUAL!

  • Asami Sato and Korra of "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" (tv) BISEXUAL

  • David Rose of "Schitt's Creek" (tv) PANSEXUAL

  • Wiccan and Hulkling of "The Young Avengers" (comics) HOMOSEXUAL

Most of the information is personally verified by me, any information that is not will have the sources linked. If you would like me to add any celebrity or fictional character to the list, send me the name and I will verify a.s.a.p.! <3 ( However, I reserve the right to refuse certain names if they are from fandoms I am either apathetic or antagonistic towards. For example, never ask me about "The Mortal Instruments". Never. )


I hope everyone had a great Asexual Awareness Day this year and that I will see you all again next year. <3

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