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Geek Moments: Geek Coincidence

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

So, this one day my sister and I were watching "Numb3rs". It was the episode where bad guys were causing multiple power outages, three to be exact, to break out a felon and kill him.

As we watched, I was drawing while my sister packing and when she unplugged her laptop, to put it away, the power went out! She's freaking out, because she thought she had killed the TV, but it was a brief power outage and the power soon came back and the TV turned back on...

Only to quickly go black again because the power went out a SECOND time! >.<

Though we were relieved that my sister hadn’t fried the TV—having realized we were having power outages—once the power did finally came back on ( this outage lasted quite a bit longer than the first blip ) we waited a bit to see that it would STAY on. Satisfied, we headed out to do an errand, but just as we stepped into post office... The power went out yet AGAIN! >.< Wait... Three power outages in less than an hour? Apparently there was a prison break going down in my small redneck town.


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