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Geek Moments: Five Years Later, In What Is Truly A Small World

Updated: May 30, 2020

September 14, 2017

The following conversation took place at the local market.

[ disclaimer: everything has been paraphrased because my memory is pretty unreliable when it comes to specifics. also, I am nowhere near this eloquent in person ^^;; ]

Reporter for "Gay Calgary": Is that… *pointing at one of my art prints on display* Destiel?

Me: I obsess over many things, which does include Destiel. Yes.

Reporter for "Gay Calgary": Cool! I recognized it because I interviewed Misha Collins at Edmonton Expo a while back and he knew all about Destiel.

Me: Ah, yes. He’s a huge fan. Him and Orlando Jones. <3

Reporter for "Gay Calgary": Are you from Edmonton or are you local?

Me: Oh! I’m from here, but I’ve been to Edmonton Expo many times.

Reporter for "Gay Calgary": Ah, I see. I thought some of the art was familiar—


Reporter for "Gay Calgary": —Will you be at the festival?

Me: *confused* Festival?

Reporter for "Gay Calgary": The Pride Festival this weekend? In town? That’s why I’m here. I’m covering the local Pride festival for Gay Calgary.

Me: What? Really?! Oh my God, I had no idea! Thank you for letting me know! <3


September 15, 2017 Gay Calgary MagazineMisha Collins interview… Edmonton Expo… Reporter's face was familiar…

One plus one… Carry the two… Equals…


Holy mother of coincidences, Batman!

We never formally met, but I remember you, Mr. "Gay Calgary" Reporter!

In 2012 I attended Edmonton Expo. It was the first time I met Misha Collins, so in my eagerness I did my best to take part in ALL the Misha relevant activities. So I attended his panel WHICH we were BOTH recording! ( Well, technically I had a minion holding the camcorder so I could watch the panel properly. But still... )

--> Video Evidence on Youtube Here <--

Five years later—after finally having a table at Edmonton Expo's artist alley not once, but TWICE!—we actually meet COMPLETELY by accident. Two days BEFORE the event you came to cover for "Gay Calgary" and said event is taking place in my home town, no less!

What are the odds?!

( I actually don’t know. Math isn’t my forte. ^^;; )

It was nice to finally properly meet you, sir! And I thank you so much for that fantastic ‘Lap Interview’ with Misha. The fandom can be quite unforgiving at times, so we Misha Collins and/or Destiel fans really appreciated it. <3


Proper List of Sources:

  1. Link to the original article and video interview of Misha Collins from the 2012 Edmonton Expo by "Gay Calgary Magazine".

  2. Link to my amateur video recordings of the Misha Collins Panel at the 2012 Edmonton Expo.

  3. Link to the post I wrote chronicling my trips to the 2012 Edmonton Expo & the 2013 Calgary Expo called “How I Met Misha Collins TWICE”.

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