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Geek Moments: Destiel on the Brain

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

So, I was just finishing up my daily SPN fan art browse online when my sister had me fill this out for her psych assignment.

…Yeah, not too bright of her. XD

I’m very proud of my work for two reasons:

  1. I finally finished a Fan Fiction. :)

  2. I kept it G-rated. ( it totally begs for an R rating as of the third sentence, but I resisted. )

Here it is, typed up:

“Once upon a time, a (n) hunter and a (n) angel spent the day together. They were best of friends. They loved to stare and to fight. They often played with weapons imagining a world not their own. Some days the friends even let Suzy, the moose, join them for their fun. One day after riding the unicorn into town, they decided to take a break for lunch. As they ate their pie and burgers, a archangel swooped and grabbed their food. They both became very possessive, jumped up from the dock and began to chase down their food. They ran and ran and ran until they could no longer run, out of breath, they came to a field where the air smelled like honey. They saw cozy flowers and soon forgot all about their stolen food. They laid down and drifted off to sleep. There the friends napped for the rest of the day.”

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