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Geek Moments: Cas is Jack and Jack is Cas!

I just watched “the Nightmare Before Christmas” with my friend, who hadn't seen it. It's been a while but I still love it.

I was all giddy and happy and singing along when the song “Poor Jack” played…

“What have I done?

What have I done?

How could I be so blind?

All is lost, where was I?

Spoiled all, spoiled all

Everything's gone all wrong

What have I done?

What have I done?

Find a deep cave to hide in

In a million years they'll find me

Only dust and a plaque

That reads, 'Here Lies Poor Old Jack'

But I never intended all this madness, never

And nobody really understood, how could they?

That all I ever wanted was to bring them something great

Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?

Well, what the heck, I went and did my best

And, by God, I really tasted something swell

And for a moment, why, I even touched the sky

And at least I left some stories they can tell, I did

And for the first time since I don't remember when

I felt just like my old bony self again

And I, Jack, the Pumpkin King

That's right, I am the Pumpkin King, ha, ha, ha

And I just can't wait until next Halloween

'Cause I've got some new ideas

that will really make them scream

And, by God, I'm really gonna give it all my might

Uh oh, I hope there's still time to set things right”

…and I was struck with an epiphany:


I need this “Supernatural” AU sooo bad! Has it been done?

Castiel as Jack Skellington

  • Has an identity crisis/crisis of faith.

  • Does his very best to find himself AND do the right thing at the same time, but many lives are ruined/lost with every attempt.

  • Is eventually lost, but finds redemption in...

Dean Winchester as Sally

  • Is drawn to our hero.

  • Is also frustrated to no end by our hero.

  • Regardless, cleans up our hero’s messes.

<3 <3 <3

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