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Geek Moments: Wonder Trade Adventures in Pokemon Y

Updated: May 29, 2020

April 11, 2017 I was playing Pokemon Y and while I was spamming Wonder Trades ( random trades ) using Pokemon I hatched ( Eevees, Totodiles, Amauras, etc. ), I scored a LEGENDARY pokemon!

This guys, right here: Tornadus.

After I finished fangirling over this amazing score, I got to thinking "Oh my goodness! Maybe I can get more Legendary Pokemon for cheap via random trade? Maybe the key to this is volume?”

( source of gif unknown )

"Just keep trading! Just keep trading~! Trading! Trading! Lalalala!"


April 13, 2017

I just did a random trade with player from Japan and got a LEGENDARY called Deoxys ( see above ). RIGHT AFTER the trade was completed, another player offered to trade me a LEVEL 100 SHINY MEW ( see below ) so I IMMEDIATELY forked over the Deoxys ( sorry, not sorry. ^^;; ) AND NOW I HAS A SHINY MEW!!!!


( actual video footage after the gif spam of sheer joy! ^_^ )

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