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Geek Moments: A Fangirl Updates her iPhone

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

So last night I updated my iPhone to iOS 7.

Once the update was completed, my wallpapers wouldn't fit properly. T_T

So I did a google search to find a solution ( I refuse to change them ) and quickly found a thread discussing the problem. Skimming the thread to see if anyone resolved the problem, I noticed a common complaint:

" of my daughter as my background and now I lose half of her head..."

" of my kids with limbs and extremities cut off!..."

Me: ...

Me: My gay Angel of the Lord's legs are cut off and his hunter boyfriend will track me down and reap vengeance out of my hide if I don't fix up his baby in a trench coat.


Thank goodness I found a solution: click here.

I live to fangirl another day. :D

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