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Fandom "Reviews": A Girl Catches Up on her Comics! (NEW AND IMPROVED)

Updated: May 30, 2020

Stormwatch (New 52) and Young Avengers (Style>Substance)

[[ Disclaimer: This is a repost of a post from December 2013, but I have completely overhauled over the past week in July 2017. I hope you enjoy. ]]

All screen caps are from my copies of the featured comics. :D Spoilers (with angry swearing and happy fangirling) in the looonnnggg illustrated post below the cut:

Yesterday I was tidying up my room and found a stack of new comics I haven't read yet so... I read them. XD I started by catching up on DC Comics’ New 52: Stormwatch. When I first heard that there would be a ‘New 52′ reboot I was scared that my favorite characters, Apollo and Midnighter, and—more importantly—their CANON RELATIONSHIP would be ruined a third time (ruined for me personally, not officially... I don’t think.) But from what I have read up until now I was surprisingly pleased with it, with two exceptions:

1) Almost every other issue you have to get a crossover issue from another series. It’s so frustrating and an obvious money-grubbing ploy on DC’s part. HOWEVER, the 'NEW 52: Red Lanterns' issue #10 crossover issue was worth getting just for this single page:

2) And Midnighter's ridiculous chin spike:

Why is this guy sporting a spike on his chin? I mean, if he looks down he maims himself—possibly kills himself—and since his specialty is hand to hand combat he is 100% going look down. He also has the special ability to process every possible combat scenario so he can essentially predict every single move his opponent will make and knows how to counter every one of those moves perfectly, so how does he not see the danger this thing poses to himself? Also, it likes to wander off sometimes, apparently. For example, in issue #6:

"Continuity error is a mood killer," Mistina says, as if it's supposed to be funny. I know it’s not just me because Apollo makes fun of it in the comic. It’s freaking CANON! ... The ridiculousness of the chin spike, not its meandering ways. ^^;; Speaking of, how is Midnighter supposed to kiss Apollo with that on his chin—

”Mexico. My left arm broken, my right with three bullets and two knife wounds.” ”I’d lost two pints of blood and even I wasn’t healing fast enough.” ”The one with crazy eyes was going to cut my throat.” ”And he would have...”


Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! So I picked up where I left off so I started with issue #13 and OH MY GOD I have officially fallen in love new Apollo and Midnighter!!!

These are only a small sample of them being so disgustingly adorable AND bamfs as of issue 13+, but they are like this in each and every issue of this story arc!!!

( tangent a.k.a. a mini rant: Where was ALL OF THIS casual Apollo/Midnighter relationship interaction in Midnighter’s solo run? From platonic to romantic, from badass to schmoopy, where were they? Midnighter was the first openly gay super hero to get his own solo series yet they completely omitted his husband from the story lines?! The exceptions being the two—TWO?!—teeny tiny appearances and one ALTERNATE UNIVERSE ( translation: NOT CANON ) romance issue.