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Fandom PSA: Beware of TeeChip

Updated: May 30, 2020


The crowdfunding site TeeChip is a scam, using stolen art to make money. This site uses Facebook to advertise and there is currently no way to report their posts and no to block posts from your facebook dashboard with 100% certainty.


Please do not purchase from TeeChip and/or, if you already made purchases on that site, please cancel any existing orders and have them refunded. If you are an artist whose art has been stolen by TeeChip, please have a look at this post which explains how to have your work taken down and how to prevent this from happening to other artists.


Witness Statement:

Recently one of facebook’s recurring “recommended” posts on my dashboard are TeeChip campaign ads which are fundraisers selling products with fan artwork printed on them.

These campaigns are heavily advertised by Fan Pages ( such as Lilo and Stitch Fanatics and Jensen Ackles Fans and Supernatural Fans Club ). This is suspicious because these are not official fan artist facebook pages, so already I’m thinking the art is stolen. The campaign pages they linked to were so very very blank that they screamed SCAM to me. SCREAMED. SCAM.

Although I recognized the featured fan artwork in the first 'suggested post' I came across, finding the post suspicious I immediately contacted the artist and they CONFIRMED that the art was in fact STOLEN. The artist was also clearly frustrated as it wasn’t the first time. The artist also expressed that art theft, like this one, has had LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS FOR them, the ORIGINAL ARTIST. NOT FOR THE THIEF? WHY?! I also recognized the art featured in the second post that showed up on my facebook dashboard, but I didn’t even have to contact the artist to verify that it was stolen as many others have already done so and are doing their best to make that information known.

After that I looked into and found NO WAY TO REPORT these posts to FACEBOOK and so I then looked into blocking such posts from my dashboard.

Art theft is an deeply personal an very distressing issue to me, so... Congrats to the facebook ad bots for having successfully served your capitalist masters so very well, you evil *censored*. Further Evidence (A Small Sample):

#rant #arttheft #fandompsa #teechip

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