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Fan Fiction Recommendation: "Squeeze Me"

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

"Squeeze Me"

by Cadignan

“You charge sixty dollars an hour to lay around?”

If he weren’t so angry, Dean would have to hand it to the guy. That was one hell of a money-making scene. Dean still makes more than that at Sandover, but he has to actually work for it. Sometimes he has to work for it for eighty hours a week. Hence the back problems, poor diet, lack of exercise, sleeplessness and generally miserable stress level that had led his doctor to recommend this fucking scam.

“It’s touch therapy,” the guy says, and he acts like nothing bothers him, but he’s a little bit bothered. He should be a lot bothered since he’s a fucking hippie with no life skills except tricking richer people into paying for his ridiculous service. “And if you don’t want it, don’t pay for it.”

Rating: Teen ( sexual situations )

Word Count: 2,107

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